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Simple geometric patterns, can you see the heart shape?
Simple geometric patterns galaxy of stars
Simple geometric patterns with the pareidolia effect.
Simple geometric patterns in monochrome of the number four.
Simple geometric patterns photo of the number eight.
Simple geometric patterns photograph in black and white.

Simple geometric patterns

The monochromatic artworks with simple geometric patterns shown in this blog entry are made from the number four, and the number eight. Subsequently, the numbers now form part of my ‘Found’ collection of things.

I stumbled across the plastic numbers littering the footpath. At first I was unsure whether the objects would be interesting visually. After examining them for a few moments I decided it was worth taking them back to the studio. Later I photographed them with a macro lens experimenting with many compositions.

How did I make the geometric patterns?

Only after fussing around with a single image, and flipping the photo am I able to envision a pattern. Armed with a concept I can then progress to the second phase. During this phase of the process I work with the photo in Photoshop. I stitch the photos together. Sometimes, this is where things can tank. Because, the result may not turn out as I had planned. Nevertheless, it’s a fun puzzle.

Often a pleasing object, pattern, face, creature or shape is revealed during this phase. The reveal is called “the pareidolia effect” and always a pleasant surprise.

Can you see a heart shape in one of the images?

Since you’ve visited this journal entry, and have made it this far you might like to explore more imagery from theΒ  Found series. Enjoy!

Artist: Β© Tahnia Roberts 2020
Category: Photography
Style: Fine ar
Subject: Geometric patterns
Medium: Digital, photo, black and white
Artist country: Malaysia

Tahnia Roberts

Author Tahnia Roberts

Tahnia is a visual storyteller who uses photography to explore, investigate and document her surroundings. An avid collector of found objects which frequently become still life compositions. Black and white photography is her preferred medium. Born and raised in New Zealand, she currently resides in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

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