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Fine art black and white macro study of a flower
Flower study in black and white, using a macro lens for extreme close up photos
Flower photograph in black and white

Macro flower study

This journal entry features black and white photographs of flowers.  More specifically, a macro flower study showcasing the Tristellateia Australasiae flower. Alternatively, you may know this pretty bright yellow / golden flower by its common names. Some examples I found online include: Maiden’s Jealousy, Galphimia, Vine, Golden Rod, and finally the Australian Gold Vine. From a geographical perspective, its origin is Australia, and the flower is widely distributed from Taiwan through Southeast Asia.

Benefits of using a macro lens

Just so you know, the flower pictures in this post are shot using the Canon 65 mm f2.8 1-5x super macro lens. Because, it is my favourite lens for up close, studio work of small flora and fauna specimens. Photographing flowers with a macro lens allows me to explore the specimen at a very close range. Especially as this lens has super powers. Due to the fact, it’s a manual-focus lens and has extreme magnification abilities. Therefore, it easily magnifies the minuscule details, and textures of the flower. Resulting in some fascinating botanical artworks.

In addition, here’s a link to more black and white macro style flower photography.

Artist: © Tahnia Roberts 2020
Category: Photography
Style: Fine art
Subject: Macro flower study
Medium: Digital, photo, black and white
Artist country: Malaysia

Tahnia Roberts

Author Tahnia Roberts

Tahnia is a visual storyteller who uses photography to explore, investigate and document her surroundings. An avid collector of found objects which frequently become still life compositions. Black and white photography is her preferred medium. Born and raised in New Zealand, she currently resides in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

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