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AbstractStreet Photography

Circle theme art

By July 31, 2022August 6th, 2022No Comments

Abstract circle theme art photos

The photographs in this journal post are of abstract circles. Setting off with a camera in hand, it wasn’t my intention to look for circles to photograph. Nonetheless, a circle theme quickly became obvious.

My destination was the Gasworks Newstead plaza. I chose to take a shortcut and signage directed me to use a pedestrian safety barrier that surrounded the perimeter of a development. 

After doing some research online I discovered the development is the Long Island health and wellness centre in Newstead, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

Someway along the tunnel created by the safety barrier I noticed the builders had drilled four holes in the timber wall.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was bright, and it punched through the drill holes. Thus, it made a pattern on the wall opposite. The theme of the day was set. Circles!

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Artist: © Tahnia Roberts 2022
Category: Geometrical shapes
Style: Abstract street photography
Subject: Circle art theme
Medium: Digital, photo, black and white
Artist country: Australia

Tahnia Roberts

Author Tahnia Roberts

Tahnia is a visual storyteller who uses photography to explore, investigate and document her surroundings. An avid collector of found objects which frequently become still life compositions. Black and white photography is her preferred medium. Born and raised in New Zealand, she currently resides in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

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